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Firewood machines

Stationary & mobile saw-splitters for fire wood

High-class splitting saws for processing logs into firewood. Simple and safe to use. In our offer you will find machines for heavier and lighter work in the ranges of 12-30 tons. Almost every product frome here can be adapted to travel on the road, in a portable version on a trailer with 1 or 2 axles.

CIBOR - R-380 Classic Fire Wood Processor

Universal firewood processor

R-380 Classic splitter saw is designed for the production of firewood in the form of ready split elements. Log feeding by the use of rollers located on the feeding table to the designated length stroke, then the pressure is released mannuallly and the log is cut with a lever. The piston can be activated automatically or manually.

CIBOR - R-380 Automatic Fire Wood Processor

Automatic log splitter

R-380 Automatic log splitter is based on an 11 kW electric motor and an efficient hydraulic pump. Standard splitter is equipped with a 4 and 6 log splitting knife, 3 m long ejection feeder, mechanical knife height adjustment and electrically adjustable splitting piston stroke.

CIBOR - R-380 Mobile Fire Wood Processor

Mobile firewood processor

R-380 Mobile log splitter has all the functions of the automatic version and is additionally equipped with a chassis with a brake and road lighting. Depending on the configuration, can be equipped with one or two axles. Thanks to the possibility of quick assembly, the machine does not pose any problems when moving it.

CIBOR Woodworking Machinery Ltd. provides comprehensive machine service on every stage of machines life. Our fully qualified and experienced Service Engineers will take good care of your machine. We will make every effort to ensure that with us, you enhance your production capabilities, minimize operating costs and reduce unnecessary service visits.

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We firmly believe that our solid, comprehensive approach, diligence and true passion allow us to gain Clients’ trust and, more importantly, their satisfaction for years and beyond.

CIBOR Woodworking Machinery Ltd. is an exclusive UK supplier of world-class woodworking machines located in the heart of Cheshire.

Our highly capable machines are built to last. Made made in Europe and with first-class components and furnished with powerful equipment represent unsurpassed quality and ensure outstanding performance. We guarantee wide customization options, full training along with technical advice, and comprehensive service support. We offer brands that might not be greatly recognized in the UK yet…but rest assured, once you see what these machines are capable of, you don’t want anything but them.

CIBOR Woodworking Machinery Ltd. supplies the following industries: furniture and kitchen manufacturers, carpentry & joinery, timber merchants and forestry industry, timber frame, doors & windows manufacturers, flooring, staircase producers, yacht & boat building, modelling, and many more. We do provide comprehensive machine servicing as well.