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Mobile Machines

Machines for small and medium-sized industries

We offer highly reliable, solid and well-engineered mobile sawmills – you can take them whenever you want.

We proudly represent 2 Polish leading sawmills manufacturers. Both companies, for over 30 years have been leading domestic producers of woodworking machines based solely on band saw applications. The efficiency and reliability of their products have been confirmed with numerous prizes and medals both in Poland and internationally.

Our mobile sawmills offer a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • low cost of installation and preparation
  • flexible additional options you can choose from to build a machine that fully suits your needs
  • they can operate from anywhere (requiring a power generator)
  • instant operation on the machine right after installation
  • better quality of sawn timber in comparison to traditional frame sawmills
  • decreased waste amount
CIBOR - Mobile Sawmill A-1200_02

Max. log diameter 1000 mm

A-1200 Mobile is a universal sawmill with a fully portable trailer package is equipped with a full hydraulics set (you can opt-out if you prefer more manual labour).

mobile band sawmill cibor

Max. log diameter 800 mm

CZ-1/U Mobile construction allows cutting round wood with a diameter of up to 800 mm. Equipped with hydraulic elements that facilitate log handling.

mobile sawmill cibor

Max. log diameter 1000 mm

CZ-1/M Mobile is a professional portable sawmill for round wood processing. The basic version is equipped with hydraulic elements that facilitate log handling.