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Vertical Sawmills

Machines for small and medium-sized industries

For over 30 years Wirex has been one of the leading Polish producers of vertical sawmills (and other woodworking machines) based solely on band saw applications. The efficiency and reliability of their products have been confirmed with numerous prizes and medals both in Poland and internationally.

Applied technologies and solutions are well-proven but innovative, and advanced when compared to other worldwide manufacturers. By buying one of these products you choose the best quality for a reasonable price.

Wirex vertical sawmills and other devices offer a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • low cost of installation and preparation of place where it is meant to operate
  • flexible additional options you can choose from to build a machine that fully suits your needs
  • power supply for the devices is very low, so there is no need for a transformer station
  • instant operation on the machine right after installation
  • better quality of sawn timber in comparison to traditional frame sawmills
  • decreased waste amount.
vertical sawmill

2 x 5,5 kW, diameter up to 400 mm

CZP-2 vertical sawmill may process thin round wood with a diameter up to 400 mm. As a result, one two-sided flitch and two off-cuts are obtained.

2 head sawmill

2 x 11 kW, diameter up to 400 mm

CZP-2/ZM saw with a receiving table for edgings is suitable for processing wood up to ø 420 mm. It cuts a two-sided uncovered prism up to 400 mm wide.

vertical sawmill

3 x 5,5 kW with belt feed

CZP-3 processes thin and medium-sized logs with a diameter of up to 550 mm. The middle cutting head is fixed, the remaining side cutting heads may be adjusted.

vertical sawmill

4 x 5,5 kW with belt feed

CZP-4 with belt conveyor is designed to process one- or two-sided flitches in form of pallet boards, battens, floorboards, and other elements. 

2 head sawmill

4 x 7,5 kW with chain feed

CZP-4/A with chain conveyor process thin round wood of up to ø 400 mm. As a result, we obtain either one flitch with two planks and offcuts or three flitches at once.

vertical sawmill

4 x 7,5 kW

CZP-4/A WZM can process either 1 flitch with two planks on both sides or 3 flitches at once. Perfect stability of cut is warranted by pneumatic down-holders.

vertical sawmill

4 x 7,5 kW with collecting feeder

CZP-4/A WZM may be offered as completion of the professional semi-automatic line for round wood processing. Offers significant optimization of cutting.