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Aluminium Cutting Saws

Aluminium mitre saws

Our range of aluminium cutting saws includes high-performance solutions for superb results.

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Hi-performance double head saw

Dafne is a complete, hi-performance double-head mitre saw. Mobile console allows maximum freedom of movement and makes it suitable for the Industry 4.0. Clamping of the profile is ensured in position by the pneumatic clamps. Blade guards slide sideways to protect the operator in every cut.

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Wide angle double head mitre saw

Hera is a 2-head mitre saw with pneumatic movement, equipped with a 450 mm blade. Safety is guaranteed by the air descent protections that protect the operator while ensuring maximum visibility of the cutting area. Hera is also equipped with a touch screen display that allows to manage all its functions quickly.

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Perfect for aluminium and PVC

Kalipso is a simple and fast mitre saw, which guides the operator through his work thanks to an intuitive control panel guaranteeing precise and safe work. The software automatically manages all working modes such as minimum cuts, oversize cuts, step-by-step cuts and can import cutting lists.

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