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Wide range of services to help your business stay effective

CIBOR  W.M. Ltd.  provides expert advice and comprehensive machine servicing at every stage of machines’ life. Our experienced team of specialists will tackle even the most problematic machine issues, others could not handle.

We have learned our approach over the years by working hard in the industrial field. We know what truly works and what doesn’t. CIBOR brings only the best-in-class practices gained from these experiences to our work. We are solid, reliable, and trustworthy. We’re offering an individual and meticulous approach to each job. We’re there for you from helping you choose the best machine, through commissioning, installation & training, maintenance to aftercare advice. We’re best in breakdown and repair services.


If you struggle or are not happy with your current service provider, wait no more and give us a shout. We’ve got your back!

We love our job and we are very serious about it!

Cheshire-based idustrial machinery dealer - woodworking / aluminium / composites

CIBOR Woodworking Machinery Ltd. is an exclusive UK supplier of world-class woodworking machines located in the heart of Cheshire. All made in Europe.

Our highly capable machines are built to last. Made with first-class components and furnished with powerful equipment represent unsurpassed quality and ensure outstanding performance. We guarantee wide customization options, full training along with technical advice, and comprehensive service support. We offer brands that might not be greatly recognized in the UK yet…but rest assured, once you see what these machines are capable of, you don’t want anything but them.

CIBOR W. M. Ltd. supplies the following industries: furniture and kitchen manufacturers, automotive, motorsport, aerospace, yacht & boat building, modelling, carpentry & joinery, timber merchants and forestry industry, timber frame, doors & windows manufacturers, flooring, staircase producers, precision engineering, parts manufacturing, and many more. We do provide comprehensive machine servicing as well.