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Woodworking CNC lathes

CNC lathes for every woodworkshop

The wide range of wood CNC lathes that offer new level of quality, speed and accuracy in the woodturning industry.

Advantages of SCHNITZER wood lathes:

  • Technology based on a German patent
  • Easy maintenance and adjustments
  • Excellent finishing results and consistent quality thanks to the fibre cut cross system
  • Fully automated working cycle with fast positioning when the work-piece need to be change.
  • The high accuracy of sanding disk adjustment ensures excellent results on rough, impregnated, or lacquered surfaces
  • Geometry of the workpiece’s edges ensured by the electronic adjustment of working units
  • Steady worktable height allows the installation of the machine on working lines
  • High degree of feed and rotating speed modulation
  • Working units provided with an additional adjusting system to change the work pressure and compensate abrasive wearing
  • Low maintenance cost due to the possibility of replacing single abrasive strips
  • The fully closed cabin ensures almost zero dust emission and a complete safety for the operator
2 axis CNC Lathe for wood

Fast and reliable 2 axis CNC lathe

A fast, reliable, super-precise lathe that will find its application in every carpentry shop.

2 axis CNC Lathe for wood

Eco Classic with magazine

It is the Eco Classic M version equipped with a pin magazine of elements. The machine is designed for the production of turned parts in short series.

4 axis CNC Lathe for wood

4 axis lathe with 3 tool units

Nero 4.3 by Schnitzer is a CNC lathe developed on the basis of a German patent. The machine is made to the highest world standard and will meet the requirements of every wood-turning plant.

Automatic 4 axis CNC Lathe for wood

Fast and reliable 2 axis CNC lathe

Schnitzer Nero 4.4 M is a machine processing elements with the use of 4 independent axes and 4 tools. It is also offered in a version with a component warehouse, which will certainly facilitate the operator’s work in the case of serial production.

Male, female tenoning machine

4 axis lathe with male/female tenoning option

Schnitzer Zigana is a male & female tenoning machine.

Unit 1: Ball Knife
Unit 2: Triangle Blade
Unit 3: Milling
Unit 4: Cup Knife