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Our range of crosscut saws

Beam saws, panel saws, cross-cut saws, optimizers and defect cutters

Our range of crosscut saws with strong cross-cutting capabilities includes very robust machines that can be used across many different applications. We offer the best equipment from leading European manufacturers. Many of our crosscut saws can be automated (and combined in full production lines) in order to reduce the need for staff.

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Optimizer-Crosscut Saw

PUSH 100 equipped with a pushing system is versatile, precise and cheap. Maximum precision and lifetime performance without any deterioration and no maintenance.

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Optimizer-Crosscut Saw

PUSH 250 is supplied with an integrated lateral chain loader which ensures continuous feeding of the boards and constant productivity without downtime.

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Rotary Crosscut Saw

PUSH 250-R has the same features and performance as other models with a pusher system, making it possible to make +/-65° inclined cut.

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Crosscut Optimizer for medium-sizes

Due to its speed OptiMax 600 (260mt./1 ′) and cutting capacity (100x0350mm.) it is used by manufacturers of packing boxes or in line with band saws and multi-ripsaw.

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Optimizes with 599 cuts per minute

Opti-599 is a high-performance crosscut saw which can increase your productivity by up to 30% compared to traditional machines.

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Up to 8100 running meters per 8 shift

OWD-1600 optimizing saw is a machine designed for very accurate cross-cutting of boards (individually and in bundles), square timber, slats, veneers, and others.

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From 3200 to 8100 lm per 8 hr shift

Falcon-3000 feed-through optimizer is designed for users who need very fast and accurate cutting of individual boards to size with the removal of defects.

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Semi-automatic Crosscut Saws

R Series semi-automatic Cross-Cut Saws are normally used in companies that produce part-worked pieces, packaging and doors & windows frames.

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Crosscutting for Sawmills

Thanks to their structure and cutting capacity are used in sawmills for processing large boards or with log cutters and multi-blade units.

Defect cutter

Cutting out selected defects of wood

GOMA PO160-E defect cutter is designed for straightening the fronts and cutting out the defects from the boards by removing selected defects (knots, shakes, cups, etc.)

vantage beam saw

Top cutting precision and performance

Vantage 95 horizontal panel saw offers different cutting dimensions with its 3 customized models and allows easy cutting management and the highest productivity.