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Our range of CNC machines for small and large timber windows producers

CNC angular center & high productivity centres

Wide selection of CNC machines dedicated to the timber windows industry – you will find here CNC angular centers as well as fully robotic lines for the production of several sets of windows a day.

Get familiar with our offer of CNC machines for the complete production of timber windows.

window machining centre

CNC Centre for Window Frames

Rotowood is a result of years of experience and innovation. It is an electronic working centre for the production of window frames with a capacity from 30 to 80 completely finished, both on the tenoning and profiling side,  window frames a day.

window machining

CNC Centre for Window Frames

Sintesi ensures smooth feed without vibrations and allows the best finishing of a wooden piece. Equipped with a 620 mm tenoning spindle (for a higher number of tools), and a movable control panel – custom-made comfort

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Perfect for aluminium and PVC

Titanium is the result of years of experience and innovation in woodworking machinery production. Thanks to its level of technology and the usage of a blocking system this working centre ensures high productivity in a reduced amount of time.

saomad woodpecker

Multi-functional CNC machining centre: up to 15 frames per shitf

Woodpecker Just 3500 is the CNC machining centre ideal for wood door and window making craftsmen and small-scale industries seeking flexibility and versatility. Woodpecker Just 3500 can produce up to 15 doors/windows per day at very high processing speed and with extreme precision.

saomad woodpecker

Multi-functional CNC machining centre: 15-20 frames per shift

Woodpecker Mirai is a great solution for small and medium sized companies producing wooden doors and windows that aim at significantly optimizing production flow, reducing superfluous movements and consequently reducing the costs. Woodpecker Mirai allows to produce from 15 to 20 windows or doors per day.

saomad woodpecker

Multi-functional CNC machining centre: 20-30 frames per shitf

Woodpecker Optima is the latest model produced by Saomad. It is a woodworking machine dedicated to industries that need to work in a completely automatic manner. Optima allows to produce from 20 to 30 doors or windows a day, regardless of their construction concept, joint type or cross-section.