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Finger Jointing Machines

Reduce your wood waste with our finger jointing lines

Finger jointing, with short sections, for wood length joints is used to:
– obtain long and stable elements, using shorter boards or strips from a lower-class material
– after cutting knots and defects to receive a full-value product without defects
– manage waste

Essentially, two patterns of finger jointing joints are used: Zig-Zag with teeth across the entire height of the board (for window joinery or construction), and a “Line” type connection, where the teeth are hidden under a transverse cut. Very elegant and clean joint, to use for instance in furniture boards.

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Semi-automatic finger jointing line with 11kW tenoner and 75kN press

GOMA AFC-10MLKT+HK6 jointing line is designed for processing wood and wood-based materials. It is used for making tenons, forks, finger joints and other shapes at the ends of friezes, strips, planks, etc.

Finger Jointing Line

Line with 18 kW tenoner and 100kN press for horizontal and vertical joints

Efficient line GOMA FC-10 starts from a rotary loading table, a powerful 18kW tenoner and press. The line handles boards with a width of 20-70mm and a height of 30-160mm.

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Very efficent finger jointing line with two 18kW tenoners and 100kN press

The most extensive model GOMA FC-10 TWIN line has the same processing parameters as the FC-10 , but thanks to the use of 2 tenoning machines, has much-increased efficiency.

Finger Joint Machine

Fully automated controls, and large production volumes

Compact jointing line Skyline with a milling unit is ideal for producing small and medium batches. Skyline uses the frames and modularity of superior models to guarantee high-quality standards.

Fingerjointing - CIBOR Woodworking Machinery Ltd.

Fully automated controls, and large production volumes

Heron is a wood jointing line with two milling units for producing large batches. Speed, fully automated controls, and large production volumes place Heron at the highest market levels.